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SEO Audit

​ SEO audit allows us to analyze your website and how present it is in web searches from customers. This is the initial step in creating a plan to correct any technical, structural, or on-page issues.

Page Optimization

​ When we do page optimization, we are doing the necessary steps needed to improve your websites search ranking. Steps could be to improve title tags or meta descriptions.

Competitor Analysis

​ Doing competitor analysis means that we are researching your competitors keywords, content, links, etc. to reverse-engineer successful strategies and build it into your website to set you above the rest.

URL Optimization

We do a quick analysis of your URL after you have created a domain because keywords in your URL can help with user interaction and link building.


​ Backlinking is the process of creating links from your website to another website. This is necessary because websites with a high degree of backlinks usually have higher organic search rankings.

​ Also known as 404 Not Found Error, 4xx status code shows when there is a broken link. We repair those links to minimize these errors.

Page Speed Optimization

​ This is a critical part of your SEO strategy because your page speed helps to determine your search rankings. It is important to have a fast-loading page.

Accessibility Optimization

​This is to ensure that texts are readable, media can be viewed, and visuals are seen. This improves user interaction and makes for a great user experience.

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